Souvenir Program Sponsor: MicRos Lubrication Technology Ltd

Plasmoil’s®: Ultra-Lubricity Components World Advanced Lubricity additive To Reduce Friction And Wear.

The trend towards highly refined base oils and use of non-ferrous metals, presents a growing need for high lubricity. Plasmoil’s® powerful tribological properties render them essential for those who need to reduce friction and wear. Plasmoil’s® are multifunctional, serving to formulate greases, fuels and lubricants, and providing a fatty protective film with a unique combination of high viscosity, low volatility, and high adsorption. Ultra-lubricity. Biodegradable. REACH compliant. NSF-Approved.

Excellence assured. A Belgian company with a century old history, Micros-LT, now located in China, is developing, producing and controlling its own products. It serves its dear customers from all over the world.