Shi Junfeng

Shi Junfeng

Job TitleChairman, Jiangsu Lopal Tech Co., Ltd.

Shi Junfeng graduated from Hunan University in 1986 with a major in organic chemistry. In the same year, he joined Nanjing Yuejin Group Automobile Research Institute as an engineer and worked his way to become Chief Engineer.

In 2003, Shi founded Jiangsu Lopal Petrochemical Co., Ltd. as chairman and general manager. Within 15 years, on April 10, 2016, Jiangsu Lopal Tech. Co., Ltd. successfully listed on the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange under stock code 603906.

Shi is a well-known expert and entrepreneur in the lubricant industry. He has been awarded numerous honorary titles such as

• Nanjing City Exceptional Private Entrepreneur
• 2012 Top Ten Jiangsu Province Entrepreneur
• Top Ten Influential Person of Jiangsu Province

He has received many prestigious awards such as:
• 2nd China National Top 10,000 Talents
• Nanjing City Top Experts in Science and Technology
• Zijin Science and Technology Pioneering Entrepreneur

Shi has published many academic papers such as “Moisture and Synthetic Brake Fluid” and “Impact of Domestic Vehicle Fuels on the Automobile Industry. He is the recipient of the “Excellent Academic Papers by Nanjing Association for Science and Technology”.

He participated in the drafting and formulation of the first “China Automotive Synthetic Brake Fluid” product specifications and the “National Automotive Urea Solution Technical Specifications” industry standards, three national and local standards issued by the China Automotive Engineering Society.

Shi has numerous inventions and design patents, such as a “Composition of Engine Oil and its Preparation Method”, “Preparation Method of Silicon-based Antifreeze Stabilizer”, etc.

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