Networking Day: November 16, 2021

F+L Connect is the industry’s most intelligent networking solution, allowing you to identify and meet relevant business prospects more efficiently and with less upfront effort.

In 2021, we have set aside March 10 as a dedicated networking day, with pre-assigned meeting areas to connect with your potential supplier or customer. F+L Connect is available from March 10 to 12, 2021.

Alternatively, use our business ‘matchmaking’ service to develop new relationships with manufacturers, suppliers and distributors throughout the rest of the conference. Simply use F+L Connect’s powerful recommendation engine and choose a time to connect. You can send your meeting invites weeks before the event.

Unparalleled Engagement

Networking already ranks as one of the most valuable aspects of F+L Week. Over 75% of attendees rate networking at 4-5 stars. The introduction of F+L Connect’s intelligent business matching has further augmented our position as the leading event for generating meaningful business collaborations throughout Asia’s fuels and lubricants industry.

How Does F+L Connect Work?

F+L Connect is a full end-to-end business matching service. Available to all F+L Week attendees, F+L Connect provides an intelligent networking solution to allow you to identify and meet relevant business prospects. Not only is F+L Connect an intuitive, straightforward process; users benefit from a range of support services.


A user-friendly sign up process defines the needs, interests and business objectives of F+L Week participants via a simple web-based app that does not require downloading.


A powerful recommendation engine, alongside our team of ‘matching’ specialists, identify and rank high quality, relevant business opportunities within F+L Week’s proprietary database of suppliers and buyers.


F+L Connect allows seamless scheduling of individual business meetings. The web-based app is mobile optimised for use ‘on the go’, is easy to manage meeting requests and responses, and automatically suggests appropriate meeting times.


Dedicated meeting tables are reserved in the conference area for registered F+L Connect users to discuss sensitive business issues.


A concierge service encourages high user adoption, promotes engagement and delivers personalised messaging to support networking initiatives.


Engagement is key to F+L Connect’s success. At F&L Asia we craft an engagement strategy that reflects our customers’ needs, and grows opportunities for everyone.

A big thank you to Ergon, our F+L Connect sponsor.