March 9, 2021

Seminar: Maximizing Metalworking Fluid Performance and Service Life

March 10, 2021

Panel Discussion: “2020- The Year That Wasn’t: The Pandemic’s Lasting Effect on our Industry”

Moderator: Dr. Edward P. Becker, President & Founder, Friction & Wear Solutions, LLC

Panel Members:
Dr. Z. George Zhang, CLS, OMA I, Senior Director, Technology, Valvoline Inc.
Desmond Tang, Managing Director, Vanderbilt Asia Pacific Ltd.

How a Specialty Base Oil Refiner Looks at Security of Supply: What it Takes to Stay in the Game

Mary Ann Abney, Global Technical Marketing Manager, Process Oils, R&M Technology, Ergon, Inc.

New Challenges for Lubricants in EV Technology

Huifang Shao, Senior Research and Development Scientist, Afton Chemical Corporation

Investigation into Performance Test Methods and Lubricating Oils Suited for Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Isao Tanaka, Team Leader, AEO Product Development Team, Omaezaki Technology Center, Chevron Japan Ltd. Oronite

March 11, 2021

Panel Discussion: “Sustainable Mobility – Fuels & Lubricants Developments”

Moderator: Gary Parsons, Consultant

Panel Members:
Juha Lehtonen, Research Professor, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd
Robert L. Freerks, Ph.D., Consultant, RLF Enterprises

Getting Ready for Euro 5/V and B20 Implementation in Thailand

Ching Mei Ang, Regional Technology Deployment Manager for Asia, Lubrizol Southeast Asia (Pte) Ltd

Consideration of Market Gasoline Quality and Standards

Aruto Hayashi, Assistant Chief Engineer, Honda R&D Co., Ltd.

March 12, 2021

Panel Discussion: “Is There a Need for New Lubricant & Grease Standards?”


Moderator: Gary Parsons, Consultant

Panel Members:
Angela Willis, Chairperson, ASTM D02 Subcommittee B Passenger Car Engine Oil Class Panel
Jeremy Styer, Global OEM Liaison Manager, Vanderbilt Chemicals, LLC

Disruption and Changing Dynamics Facing the Lubricants Industry in Asia


Paul Nai, Director, Product Management, Lubrizol Additives, SEA & Australia, Lubrizol Southeast Asia (Pte) Ltd

Improving the Benefit of Molybdenum Containing Friction Modifiers in Low Viscosity Oils

David Boudreau, Research & Development Advisor, Vanderbilt Chemicals

Impact on Fuel Efficiency and Diesel Engine Oil Performance by Reducing the Viscosity and Various Friction Modifiers – Evaluation of Diesel Engine Oil Using JASO Engine Test Methods

Taiki Hattori, Product Development, Automotive Engine Oil Team, Technology Center, Chevron Japan Ltd Oronite

New Perspectives on Driveline Lubricants on Copper Corrosion for Electric Vehicles

Alex Wang, Driveline Technology Manager, Lubrizol China